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 Yes, I am willing to serve on the Chesley Lake Cottage Association Board or a Committee.
 I consent to be charged $35 for my annual membership. I consent to receive email newsletters, invoices, etc. in the future (reduce mailing costs and paper waste). This information will not be released to any other organization and will be used strictly for the purposes of communication by the Chesley Lake Cottage Association.
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Note: Members of Chesley Lake Camp, Birchcrest Property Association and Sunset Woods DO NOT send money to the Chesley Lake Cottage Association. The $35 fee will be collected through their associate group.

Membership Benefits:

All households on the lake are encouraged to purchase a yearly membership for a modest fee.  This membership entitles the person to:


  • Full membership and member benefits to the Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Associations (FOCA). See CLCA Members section for login information.

  • Use the Chesley Lake Camp boat ramp

  • Vote at CLCA meetings

  • Receive newsletters

  • Actively participate with other members to keep the lake a prime vacation & recreation destination

  • Access to CLCA information posted on the members only section of the CLCA website.

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